Rv levelers to keep camper even

RV levelers will keep your camper even

An unlevel camper can lead to all sorts of problems but RV levelers can fix this.  For the most part it’s the uncomfortable feeling of being in an unlevel structure. However there are more extreme situations where it could cause your RV refrigerator to catch fire. Leaving a camper in the same spot unlevel for a while can also lead to drainage problems for your roof to your gutters. RV leveling blocks solve these problems, are simple and easy to use.

Rv levelers to keep camper even

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What are RV levelers?

RV levelers do exactly what you would think – they help you level out your RV. Most versions are durable plastic blocks that go under your wheels to cause your RV to lean back to the other side, making the camper level. These are also called RV leveling blocks. Campers with bump outs on one side will tend to lean to that side when parked, but this issue is better solved by RV bump out stabilizers. You use RV levelers anytime you’re parked on unlevel ground.

RV levelers are different from RV stabilizers. RV stabilizers (if equipped) help to steady the rock of the camper from side to side and front to back. However, most RV stabilizers do not have the strength or ability to lift one side of the camper to level it out. There are some automatic RV leveling systems you can install that will both stabilize and level a camper. Automatic RV leveling systems like this one are expensive and you can solve most of your balance issues with much less expensive RV levelers.

Why is my camper unlevel?

Mother nature did not intend to provide you with a level parking spot for your camper. Most campgrounds are carved out of wooded areas. Those with dirt campsites tend to be at least slightly unlevel due to weather over time. Even campgrounds with paved or cement pads for camper sites will become unlevel over time. When you take an off ramp from the highway, the ground is sloped and so is the vehicle on top of it. The same thing happens when parked at a campground.

Do I need RV levelers?

The short answer is yes, most RVs need RV levelers unless you have an expensive automatic RV leveler system.. Some seasonal campers who do not ever move their campers will use cement blocks to level their campers. This is risky though as it can bend the frame of the camper if not done correctly.

Unlevel is uncomfortable

Staying in an unlevel camper can be a very uncomfortable experience. The space around you is skewed on an angle and your brain has trouble processing what’s going on. The experience is similar to walking through a funhouse. Things will roll off the counters, liquids will spill onto the floor, and items will shift in the cabinets.

Risk of refrigerator damage or fire

There is also a risk of damaging your refrigerator. The most common type of refrigerator in a camper is an absorption refrigerator. If you leave this type of refrigerator unlevel long enough while running, it WILL kill the fridge. Over time, it can also create a fire risk (yes, FIRE).

Will RV levelers keep my camper from rocking?

The short answer is no. RV levelers level out our rig on uneven terrain or a slanted parking spot. To resolve rocking problems, you need some sort of stabilization system. Most modern 5th wheels come with a stabilizer system in the rear than balances out the power legs in the front. These are less prominent on travel trailers. You can get bump out stabilizers if you primarily feel the rock when people are over the bumpout, which could be the dining area, couch or bunk room. Personally I have these stabilizers for my bumpouts and they work great.

Where can I get RV levelers?

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