Fun Rainy Day Camper Activities: 35 Ideas To Keep You Entertained!

Rainy days can dampen the spirits of even the most enthusiastic campers, leaving them searching for ways to salvage their outdoor adventure. With 35 creative and enjoyable activities up our sleeve, we’re ready to transform any downpour into an opportunity for fun at your campsite.

Our list promises to keep boredom at bay, offering everything from cozy indoor games to adventurous outdoor explorations fit for a rainy day. Dive in—your rainy-day camping guide awaits!

Key Takeaways

  • Rain can’t ruin your camping trip with 35 fun activities for indoor and outdoor play.
  • Simple games like “Twenty Questions” or “The Alphabet Game” provide entertainment without needing any supplies.
  • For adults, card games or brain teasers like “Would You Rather” are great ways to pass time inside the camper.
  • Kids enjoy mimicry games or classic card games like “Go Fish,” which help them stay active even on rainy days.
  • Embrace the wet weather by hiking in the rain, exploring local attractions, or simply enjoying the nature around your campsite.

Preparing for Rainy Weather on Your Camping Trip

'A man and woman sitting in a rainproof tent at a campsite.'

Rain can surprise you on a camping trip. Stay dry and happy with these smart tips.

  • Check the weather before you leave. Know what to expect and pack for it.
  • Choose campsites with covered areas. Look for places that offer shelters or indoor spaces.
  • Pack rain gear for everyone. Include jackets, pants, and waterproof boots.
  • Use water – repellent spray on gear. Apply it to backpacks and other items.
  • Store firewood under your RV. It’ll stay dry even when skies open up.
  • Pack activities for indoors. Think card games, books, and crafts for fun inside.
  • Prepare a rainy – day playlist on Spotify. Music lifts spirits, even when it’s wet outside.
  • Keep food in sealed containers. You don’t want soggy snacks ruining your mood.
  • Have a good attitude! Enjoy the sound of rain and the cozy feeling inside your RV.

Fun Activities for All Ages

A family enjoying board games in a cozy RV setting.

Rain clouds don’t have to darken your camping spirits—there’s a deluge of indoor delights suitable for everyone in the RV. From engaging your brain with classic question games to losing yourself in a gripping tale, rainy days are the perfect excuse to cozy up and bond over shared entertainment or simply enjoy some restful solitude amidst the pitter-patter on the roof.

Twenty Questions

Play “Twenty Questions” to spark some fun inside your RV on a rainy day. One person thinks of something – an animal, place, or object – and others take turns asking yes-or-no questions to guess what it is.

You get only twenty chances to figure it out! This activity gets everyone’s brains working and often leads to laughter and wild guesses.

Keep score for added competition or just play for the joy of the game. It’s perfect because you don’t need any gear or Wi-Fi; just your imagination. Whether playing with the whole family or passing time with a friend, “Twenty Questions” turns a gloomy day into an interactive adventure without having to step outside your camper.

The Alphabet Game

The Alphabet Game turns a dreary day into a fun challenge inside your camper. Grab friends or family and pick a category like “camping gear” or “animals“. Everyone takes turns saying something from the category that starts with the next letter of the alphabet.

You might say “awning” for A, then someone else could follow with “bear” for B, and so on. Keep going until you reach Z or someone gets stumped!

Laugh as everyone scrambles to think of items that fit their letter. This game sharpens minds and fills your RV with giggles, making those rainy clouds feel miles away. It’s simple, it’s classic, and it requires no special equipment – just eager brains ready for a bit of alphabetical aerobics!

Silly Sentences

Silly sentences turn a dull, rainy day at the campground into laughter-filled moments. Gather everyone in your RV and create goofy phrases that challenge your creativity. Start by picking a letter of the alphabet; then each person must make up a sentence where every word starts with that letter.

It’s not just about the giggles—this game stretches your vocabulary and sharpens your quick-thinking skills.

Playing this game lets campers of all ages join in on the fun. Keep score or just play for the sheer joy of hearing what silly combinations come up next—either way, you’re sure to have an entertaining time! Enjoy these lively rounds while listening to rain patter on the roof, making those cozy caravan park memories even more special.

Story Time

Story time turns a rainy day into an adventure inside your RV. Grab some blankets, gather everyone around, and dive into tales of distant lands or personal adventures. Laura suggests making storytelling interactive by having each person add their own twist to the tale.

This way, you bond with fellow campers and create unique stories that can’t be found in any book.

Encourage kids and adults alike to share their favorite memories or make up fantastic fables. Use expressive voices and dramatic pauses for effect—laughter is guaranteed! Storytelling not only entertains but builds stronger connections between campers as you listen and contribute, creating a rich tapestry of imagination to enjoy together.

Take a Nap

Feeling sleepy? Rain pattering on the roof is the perfect nap soundtrack. Grab a cozy blanket and curl up in your camper for a snooze. No Wi-Fi or equipment needed, just close your eyes and drift off.

A good rest can recharge you for more fun at the campsite.

Resting isn’t lazy; it’s smart. While others play games or read, napping boosts health and mood, especially when camping trips tire you out. Even kids love quiet time in their bunks, listening to raindrops while they relax.

So go ahead—take that well-deserved nap in your RV during rainy days!

Play Music or Have a Sing-Along

Grab your guitar or ukulele and start strumming! Rainy days in the camper are perfect for playing music. You can create a cozy atmosphere by singing songs everyone loves. If you don’t play an instrument, no worries.

Use your phone or a portable speaker to play some tunes from Amazon.com and sing along.

Encourage everyone to join in, even if it’s just tapping their feet or humming along. Choose upbeat songs to lift the mood or mellow melodies for relaxing inside your RV. Music brings campers together and turns a grey day into one filled with laughter and song.

And who knows? You might discover someone’s hidden talent for singing!

Read a Book

Reading a book is perfect for a cozy day inside your RV. Choose an adventure novel and let your imagination travel even when the rain keeps you parked. Books take up hardly any space in your camper, making them an ideal item to pack.

They offer endless entertainment without needing power or internet connection.

For those who love stories, taking turns reading aloud can be great fun. This works well for families or groups of friends. You might even discover new reads as others share their favorite books during the campout.

Don’t forget to pack a few options before hitting the road!

Board Games

Pull out the board games to make a rainy day at your campsite fly by! They’re perfect for all ages and can turn a gloomy afternoon into hours of fun. Try classics like Monopoly or The Game of Life, or explore new options that’ll have everyone strategizing and laughing together.

Board games are not just entertaining; they challenge your mind and create great memories.

Set up the game on the RV table, grab some snacks, and dive into an epic board game battle. Whether it’s raining outside or you just want some family time, these games become treasured traditions.

Gather around for competitive play or cooperative challenges with games like Catan or Ticket to Ride. Enjoy laughs, friendly competition, and test your skills while you wait out the raindrops on the roof above.

Fun Activities for Kids

4. Fun Activities for Kids: Those little campers have energy to spare, even when the skies turn grey—tap into a treasure trove of creative games and engaging pastimes designed to keep their spirits high and their minds active, from imaginative play to classic card challenges that never grow old.

Mirror Mirror

Kids love playing “Mirror Mirror” inside the camper on a wet day. In this game, everyone sits in a circle. One person makes a face or movement, and the others copy it exactly. Laughter fills the air as faces twist and bodies move in silly ways.

Not only is “Mirror Mirror” easy to play, but it also helps kids pay attention and sharpen their memory skills.

Keep the energy high with quick rounds of “Mirror Mirror”. Encourage creative expressions—maybe pretend to be animals or favorite cartoon characters! It’s perfect for all ages and requires no setup or cleanup.

Plus, you’re creating memories while waiting for the rain to stop outside your RV door.

Thumb War

Get ready for a Thumb War, the perfect game for all campers on a rainy day. Face off in this classic battle that needs no board, cards, or pieces. Just your hands! It’s easy: one, two, three, four – I declare a thumb war.

This activity is great for kids and adults alike to stir up some competition inside your RV.

While the rain patters outside, challenge each other to see who is the reigning thumb champion. Laughter fills your camper as everyone tries their best moves to pin down their opponent’s thumb.

It’s simple fun that brings people together and passes time with lots of giggles and friendly rivalry.

Play with Toys

On a rainy day, break out the toys to keep the kids happy in your camper. Stuffed animals create imaginary worlds where little ones can craft stories and adventures. Toy cars race across pillows and blankets, turning your RV into a lively speedway.

While the rain taps on the windows, these simple pleasures transform a gloomy day into one of laughter and play.

Grab activity books along with crayons or pencils for a change of pace. Kids dive into word searches and puzzles, boosting their brains while having fun. Educational workbooks turn learning into an enjoyable process without them even realizing they’re hitting the books! Let creativity flow as children color, solve, and explore page by page.

Activity Books

Activity books are perfect for kids on a rainy day in the camper. They can color, solve puzzles, and play games right on the pages. Activity books often include mazes, dot-to-dots, and word searches.

These keep young minds busy for hours.

Give each child their own book to explore. They might find hidden pictures or connect-the-dots that reveal funny drawings. With activity books, kids use their brains while having fun inside the RV.

It’s like taking an adventure without even stepping outside!

Go Fish

Go Fish is a classic card game that kids love. You only need a deck of cards to get started. Players ask each other for cards to make matches. If you don’t have the card, you say “go fish,” and they draw from the pile.

It’s perfect for those cozy moments inside your camper.

Laugh together as everyone tries to collect sets of four. Watch faces light up when someone gets a match or groans when told to fish from the deck. This simple game can keep everyone entertained for hours, passing time until the rain stops pattering on your RV roof.

Fun Activities for Adults

Camping isn’t just marshmallows and ghost stories—adults can have their share of fun too, with a touch of strategy or the spark of friendly competition. Whether it’s testing your poker face in a game of Rummy or laughing through a round of ‘Would You Rather’, these activities are sure to spice up any rainy day inside your camper.

Cheers to the Governor

Cheers to the Governor” is a classic! This drinking game will have adults laughing and strategizing together. It’s simple: players count to 21, but with rules for each number that change every time someone reaches 21.

The “governor” decides on new rules, making it unpredictable and fun.

Break out your favorite drinks and gather everyone in the camper lounge. Share stories between turns and enjoy the camaraderie. Just make sure kids are playing something else or tucked away with their activity books.

Drink responsibly and let loose a little on this rainy camping night!


Rummy makes a great choice for game night in your camper. It’s perfect for those rainy days when you’re cooped up inside. Shuffle the deck and deal out the fun as you match numbers and suits, aiming to create melds.

This classic card game is easy to learn, so everyone can join in.

You’ll find laughter and strategy go hand-in-hand with Rummy, keeping adults entertained for hours. Whether it’s Gin Rummy or another variation, it challenges the mind and sharpens your skills.

And if the weather clears? Take the cards outside under your RV awning for a fresh-air game session!

Would You Rather

Play “Would You Rather” to spark laughter and conversation inside your camper. It’s simple: choose two funny or tough scenarios and decide which one you’d rather do. Everyone gets a turn, and the answers might surprise you! Imagine choosing between camping in a thunderstorm or in a snowstorm; both have their challenges, but which adventure excites you more? Keep it light-hearted with silly options or dive deep into personal preferences.

This game breaks the ice among fellow campers and leads to sharing stories. You’ll learn about each other’s fears, favorite adventures, and even what makes everyone laugh. As rain pitter-patters on the roof of your RV, get cozy with friends or family as you debate over quirky dilemmas.

Remember, there are no wrong answers in “Would You Rather,” just good times waiting to happen!

Two Truths and a Lie

Gather everyone in the camper for a round of Two Truths and a Lie. This game sparks laughter and challenges players to tell two true statements and one false one about themselves. Others must guess which statement is the lie.

It’s perfect for getting to know each other better while listening to the rain outside.

Keep it lively with unexpected truths or outrageous lies that make the game more thrilling. Campers can take turns sharing, making for an entertaining way to pass time indoors. Use your creativity – the wackier, the better! Everyone will be engaged, trying hard to figure out what’s real and what’s not as they learn fun facts about their fellow RV owners.

Outdoor Rainy Day Camping Activities

Don’t let the pitter-patter of raindrops confine you to the camper—there’s a world of wet-weather adventure waiting for you. Unzip that door and step into a different kind of outdoor excitement, where nature offers its own unique set of rainy day thrills.

Embrace the Rain and Go Outside

Pull on your raincoat and step out into the drizzle. Rainy days don’t have to trap you inside your RV. Nature has a special charm under the patter of raindrops. Streams swell, flowers glisten, and the air smells fresh.

Take a short walk around the campground; you’ll find everything more peaceful and quiet.

Notice how different birds sing in the wet weather, or look for fresh animal tracks on muddy paths. Enjoy puddles with waterproof boots – stomp in them like a kid! Even simple things feel adventurous when done beneath gray skies.

Just be sure to keep warm and dry with good gear, so you stay comfortable while exploring this shiny, rainy world.

Visit Local Attractions

Check out museums, art galleries, or historic sites near your campground. These places are perfect for learning and staying dry. Local attractions offer a change of scenery and a dash of culture to brighten up a wet day.

Find nearby indoor fun spots like bowling alleys or arcades. They provide hours of entertainment away from the rain. Visiting local businesses also supports the community you’re camping in.

Enjoy new experiences while making the most of your rainy day RV activities!

Go On A Hike

Pull on your raincoats and brave the elements for a hike. Rainy days bring out different wildlife, fresh scents, and unique sounds of nature that you might miss when the sun is shining.

Trails often have fewer people during wet weather, so you can enjoy a peaceful walk in the woods.

Make sure to wear sturdy boots to keep your feet dry as you explore paths around your seasonal campground. Look at the way raindrops hang from leaves or how streams swell with rushing water.

Keep an eye out for colorful mushrooms popping up along your route! Remember, hiking isn’t just about reaching a destination; it’s about enjoying each step of the journey – even when it’s wet.


Rainy days can’t dampen your camping spirit! With these 35 activities, you’ve got a treasure chest of fun at your fingertips. Laugh with family playing Silly Sentences, or get cozy and lost in a good book.

Embrace the drops and splash outside or battle it out in Thumb War. Let each raindrop bring a new adventure—your camper is ready for it all!


1. What are some fun activities for campers on a rainy day?

You’ve got plenty of options! Rainy day camper activities can range from classic games like tic tac toe and hangman to creative crafts. They’re perfect for keeping spirits high, even when the weather’s not.

2. Can I still enjoy camping in winter, even with bad weather?

Absolutely – don’t let the rain stop you! With cozy indoor games or storytelling sessions, winter camping turns into an adventure all its own. Just bundle up and get ready to make some memories!

Tic Tac Toe is quick to set up and easy to play, making it ideal for those drizzly days inside your camper. It’s a simple way to pass the time and challenge your friends or family.

4. Is Hangman good for more than just two players on a rainy camping day?

Yes indeed! Hangman’s great because everybody can join in—guess letters, solve puzzles and have loads of laughs together. It brings everyone into the game, creating fun moments despite the raindrops.

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