RV Campground Amenities: Pools, Playgrounds, And More

Selecting the perfect RV campground for your next adventure can be like finding a diamond in the rough. With so many options available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the choices and uncertain about what amenities will truly enhance your experience.

Whether you’re planning a family vacation or seeking a tranquil retreat, knowing which facilities offer that extra touch of comfort and fun is crucial.

Imagine pulling up to an RV park that not only provides spacious campsites but also delights with extras such as sparkling pools, vibrant playgrounds, and serene nature trails. In fact, some campgrounds take leisure to the next level by offering golf courses and dog parks—amenities designed to amplify relaxation and enjoyment for everyone.

Our guide serves as a compass to navigate through the diverse world of RV campground amenities; we’ll spotlight those that can transform your stay from ordinary to extraordinary. Dive into this article for insights on how different features cater to family needs, boost entertainment value, and allow you to tailor your trip precisely according to your preferences.

Ready for an upgrade? Keep reading!

Key Takeaways

  • RV campgrounds offer many fun amenities like pools, playgrounds, golf courses, fitness centers, and dog parks.
  • Families can enjoy special activities such as mini golf, nature trails, and fishing ponds in many campgrounds.
  • Campsites may have extra comforts like restaurants and stores for convenience during your stay.

Top RV Campground Amenities

A family enjoying a BBQ at a shaded picnic area with a playground.

RV campgrounds have evolved into destinations offering a plethora of amenities that cater to comfort and leisure, far beyond just a place to park your motorhome. From invigorating dips in sparkling pools to challenging rounds of golf, these facilities are designed to enhance the camping experience for every age and lifestyle.


Pools are a big deal at RV parks. Imagine diving into a cool swimming pool on a hot day. Places like Camp Margaritaville RV Resort and Sun Outdoors offer not just one, but multiple pools to splash in.

Some even have water slides for an extra bit of fun! And if you want to swim all year round, heated pools are available at many resorts across the US.

You can relax in the sun or join water games with your family and friends. Jellystone Park-Camp-Resort has swimming pools that guests love. Whether it’s chilling out by the poolside or doing laps, these watery oases add magic to any camping trip.


Playgrounds are a big hit at RV campsites. They give kids a safe place to have fun and make new friends. Many RV resorts across the US, including Camp Margaritaville in Crystal Beach, know that play areas are important for families.

Slides, swings, and climbing frames keep little ones happy for hours. Parents can relax knowing their children are nearby and enjoying themselves.

RV owners look for places with playgrounds because they help create unforgettable family memories. These spots offer more than just equipment; they’re social hubs where stories and laughter fill the air.

Whether you’re parked at Newport Dunes or exploring the tri-cities area, finding an RV campground with a playground means your vacation destination has something special for every member of the family.

Golf Courses

Golf courses are a big pull for many RV owners who love the game. Imagine driving your home-on-wheels to a place like Madison RV & Golf Resort in Florida, where you can play right on-site.

Hitting the fairways under sunny skies is a dream come true for golf enthusiasts.

Keep pets at home though if you plan to visit places with golf courses like Saratoga Spa State Park. Pets aren’t allowed around the greens or other areas such as pools and playgrounds.

This helps keep these places safe and enjoyable for everyone. Whether you’re in it to perfect your swing or just to enjoy a casual round, an RV campsite with its own golf course could be your next great destination!

Fitness Centers

Staying fit on the road is easy with RV parks that have modern fitness centers. These places come with top-notch exercise machines to keep you active. You’ll find treadmills, weights, and sometimes even classes for yoga or aerobics.

It’s great for those who love to work out, making sure you don’t miss your gym routine while enjoying the RV lifestyle.

Many RV campgrounds know campers care about fitness and health. They give you full hook-up sites that let you use these workout areas just steps from your motorhome door. After a long drive or sitting by the campfire, head over to the fitness center to stretch your legs and boost your energy!

Dog Parks

Dog parks are a hit at RV campgrounds, especially for those traveling with their four-legged friends. These special spots let dogs run, play, and burn off energy without a leash holding them back.

Imagine your furry pal zooming across an open field or making new doggy friends—it’s the perfect way to keep them happy on the road.

Many places like Camp Margaritaville in Pigeon Forge and WillowTree RV Resort in Myrtle Beach know how important pets are to families. They have awesome dog parks where your pooch can splash around in a swimming area just for dogs.

Ohio State Parks also welcome leashed dogs; some even have their own spaces for pups to enjoy. So if you’re planning an RV trip, look out for spots with these fun perks for your pet!

Family-Friendly Amenities for RV Campers

A family playing mini golf at a scenic RV park.

RV camping is a great way to have fun with the family. Many campgrounds are packed with amenities that kids and parents will love.

  • Mini golf courses: Find mini golf at places like Fort Wilderness in Central Florida, where everyone can enjoy a friendly game.
  • Basketball and volleyball courts: Shoot hoops or spike a ball at many RV parks, creating fun for all ages.
  • Disc golf areas: Moraine State Park and others may have disc golf, blending nature with sports.
  • Nature trails: Explore hiking trails at sites like Lincoln National Forest for some adventure.
  • Fishing ponds: Try to catch fish together at many campsites across the country.
  • Heated pools: Enjoy swimming even when it’s cool outside, which is perfect for the whole family.
  • Pull – thru campsites by KOA make it easy to park your motorhome without backing up.
  • Electric and sewer hookups ensure you have all you need while staying in your RV.
  • Cable connections and Wi – Fi keep everyone entertained after a day of activities.
  • Clean restrooms with showers help everyone stay fresh during the trip.

Beyond the allure of a refreshing pool or an engaging playground, many RV campgrounds offer a suite of additional features that cater to a diverse range of interests and lifestyles.

From the convenience of marinas and beachfronts to the excitement of live entertainment venues, these amenities elevate the camping experience from simple overnight stays to luxurious retreats in nature’s embrace.

Marina and Beach Access

RV campgrounds with marina and beach access are gems for water lovers. Imagine waking up in your motorhome to the sound of waves at Marina Dunes RV Park in California, or exploring Lake Powell from Wahweap RV & Campground just a short walk away.

These spots let you enjoy the sand between your toes without having to leave the campground.

Staying at places like Carolina Beach State Park or Gulf Waters Beachfront RV Resort gives you direct access to beautiful beaches. You can go swimming, fishing, or boating right where you park your recreational vehicle.

Dockweiler RV Park even offers this beach experience all year round for those who chase summer across the country.

Entertainment Facilities

Entertainment facilities are a big deal at many RV campgrounds. They make your stay fun and exciting. Think of Camp Margaritaville RV Resort & Lodge with its lazy river and pickleball courts.

You can slide down a double-loop water slide or join in on planned activities. These places often have spaces for live music, movie nights, and games that everyone can enjoy.

For those who love thrills, being close to Cedar Point amusement park or Universal Studios might be perfect. Imagine spending your day riding coasters before coming back to relax at your motorhome.

Or maybe you want to play slots at Winstar Casino after a day outdoors. Check social media sites like Instagram for pictures of these cool spots or look up reviews on Yelp to see what others think is the best fun around!

Onsite Restaurants and Stores

Many RV campgrounds come with their own restaurants and stores. This is great for when you want a break from cooking or need to grab something quick. These places are usually near other fun spots like pools and playgrounds.

Big campground chains make sure they have nice eateries and little shops. It helps them bring in more people to stay.

Luxury resorts might even have water slides and courts for games, plus places to eat right on site. Smaller parks run by one person or a family often offer these too. Having a restaurant or store where you’re staying can make picking a campground easier, especially if it’s close to things like swimming spots and areas for kids to play.

Outdoor Activities (hiking, biking, etc.)

RV campgrounds with outdoor activities give you more than just a place to park your motorhome. They offer adventures right outside your door! Imagine waking up and stepping out to find trails that lead through forests and mountains.

Hot Springs National Park, for example, has 26 miles of trails waiting for hikers who love beautiful trees and fresh air.

Biking fans will feel right at home in these spots too. It’s the top activity for younger campers, especially where there are lots of things to do. You can ride on paths with views of lakes or zoom past streams knowing each turn brings a new surprise.

After all, isn’t exploring by pedal one reason you’re here? Grab your bike or lace up those hiking boots; nature is calling!

Spa and Wellness Facilities

Spa and wellness facilities at RV campgrounds are perfect for those looking to relax. Think of soaking in a hot tub after a long day or getting a massage to ease your muscles. Places like The Viewpoint RV Resort in Arizona go all out with impressive amenities.

They have everything you need to feel pampered.

If you enjoy unwinding, look for campsites with these luxury perks. You might find saunas, steam rooms, or even full-service spas. These features turn an ordinary camping trip into a soothing retreat where stress melts away.

Remember to check if these options are available when planning your stay for the ultimate relaxation experience on the road!

Choosing the Right RV Campground

Selecting the ideal RV campground is crucial for ensuring a memorable and comfortable adventure. It’s about aligning your accommodation with your lifestyle, whether that means having access to serene beaches or bustling social scenes, so delve into what each site offers to perfectly tailor your journey.

Consider Your Needs and Interests

Think about what you like and need before picking an RV campground. Are peaceful surroundings important to you? Make sure the campsite is easy to get to and has a quiet setting. If you love swimming or working out, look for places with pools and fitness centers.

Families might want playgrounds or activities for kids.

Find out what each park offers for fun. Fishers may want a spot with marina access, while hikers should look for trails nearby. Use trip routing tools if saving money matters to you.

This way, you can find good campsites that won’t break your budget. Check websites to learn about the amenities at different places before making a choice.

Research Amenities Offered

Finding the best spot for your RV trip is a big deal. Look into what different campgrounds offer before you pick one. Check out if they have hookups like water and power, because these are super important when you’re away from home in your motorhome.

Some places even have extra cool stuff like pools or places to play golf.

Use the internet to help with your search. On social media platforms, people often share their experiences and photos of where they’ve stayed. This can give you a good idea of what the place is really like.

Reading reviews or asking friends for tips can also point you toward awesome camp sites that fit what you’re looking for.

Read Reviews and Ask for Recommendations

Checking out what others say can make a big difference in picking an RV campground. Look at websites like Campendium or Good Sam, where people talk about their stays. They share the good and the bad about places, so you get to know before you go.

If pools matter to you or if you want a playground for the kids, reviews will tell.

It’s also smart to ask friends who own RVs. They have been on many trips and can suggest great spots with cool stuff like dog parks or bike trails. Maybe they’ve enjoyed vacations by Mission Bay or hit golf balls near The Jersey Shore.

Their stories help guide your choice for your own adventures in motorhomes.

RV Campground Reservations: Securing the Best Spots

Making a reservation for your RV campground can be key to having the best vacation. It helps you plan ahead and make sure you get a great spot.

  • Look up campgrounds in the area you want to visit, like Sandusky, OH or Merritt, BC.
  • Decide what kind of amenities are important for you. Pools? Dog parks? Fitness centers?
  • Check if places like Vacationland have openings during your travel dates.
  • Call or go online early to book your spot. Popular spots like Breckenridge can fill up fast!
  • Read reviews of the campgrounds in Atlantic City or Pasco. See what others say about their stays.
  • Ask friends who own RVs about their favorite places in Sanibel Island or Richland.
  • Use data from websites to find out which parks have low bounce rates. This means people enjoy staying there.
  • Check state park sites, like Platte River State Park in Nebraska, for reservation options and details.
  • Look at maps of the campgrounds. Find spots that are close to the water or have nice views.
  • Think about risks like hurricane Ian. Choose spots that are safe from big storms.


Remember all the fun things RV campgrounds offer, like pools and playgrounds. Think about how these places help families have a great time together. They can play games, swim, or relax at the spa.

Look for a campground that has what you love to do. Get ready to enjoy your next adventure at an RV park with cool stuff for everyone!


1. What kind of fun things can I find at RV campgrounds?

At RV campgrounds, you can have a great time with pools to swim in, playgrounds for kids to play on, and even more cool stuff for families.

2. Are there any RV campgrounds with nice amenities near Kennewick, Washington?

Yes! Around Kennewick, Washington you’ll find some RV campgrounds that offer lovely pools and places where children can enjoy playing games.

3. Can I go camping in an RV near Sandusky, Ohio and still have access to fun amenities?

Sure thing! Close to Sandusky, Ohio there are many spots to park your RV that come with awesome extras like big pools and playgrounds for loads of fun.

4. If I’m staying at an RV campground by Ft. Myers Beach will it have good facilities?

Definitely! When you’re camping in your RV near Ft. Myers Beach you’ll discover many places with super amenities including sparkling pools to splash around in!

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