The Benefits of Joining an RV Club: Community and Perks

Embarking on the open road in an RV promises adventure and freedom, yet many travelers wonder how to maximize their experience. A frequent concern is how to find reliable campsites, save money, and connect with fellow RV enthusiasts.

Imagine unlocking a treasure trove of benefits that enhance every aspect of your journey — this is where RV clubs come into play.

An RV club membership can be like holding a golden key for recreational vehicle owners. One standout fact: such memberships often provide critical roadside assistance, ensuring you’re never stranded in times of unexpected trouble.

This article will guide you through the advantages of joining an elite group known as an RV club, from exclusive site access to substantial savings and camaraderie on the road. Discover what could transform your travels; read on!

Key Takeaways

  • RV clubs offer discounts on campsites, making travel cheaper.
  • Members get special access to parks and activities that are for members only.
  • Being part of an RV club means joining a community with other RV owners.
  • Clubs like Escapees, Harvest Hosts, and Passport America each have unique benefits for members.
  • Before joining an RV club, check the rules and fees to make sure it fits your travel style.

Understanding RV Clubs and Their Value

A group of happy RV travelers enjoying a scenic campfire gathering.

Discovering the essence of RV Club memberships opens up a world of travel luxuries and cost-effective explorations, promising to elevate the nomadic lifestyle with tangible rewards.

Delving into their offerings reveals how these clubs can transform journeys from mere trips into rich experiences filled with community spirit and exclusive benefits.

What is an RV Club Membership?

An RV Club Membership is like a special key for people who own recreational vehicles. It opens the door to deals and friendships on the road. Members get discounts at many camping sites and help in cutting down costs that come with RV travel.

Clubs work together with parks and campgrounds so their members can pay less when they stay overnight.

Joining an RV club also means becoming part of a big family of RV owners. You’ll meet others who love exploring just like you do. Sharing stories, tips, and fun times makes traveling even better!

Assessing the Worth: Perks vs. Costs

Evaluating an RV club membership involves weighing the benefits against the financial investment required. Members often gain access to exclusive perks, but it’s important to consider whether these advantages justify the membership fees.

Perks of RV Club MembershipCosts of RV Club Membership
Discounts on stays at affiliated campgroundsAnnual or monthly membership fees
Exclusive access to certain locationsPotential for underutilization if not traveling frequently
Savings on merchandise at Camping WorldAdditional costs for premium services
Ease of finding campsites, especially during peak seasonsUpfront costs for lifetime memberships
Community events and networking opportunitiesVaried usage rules and restrictions that may limit flexibility

Members should carefully review the full extent of offerings provided by RV clubs. Understanding usage rules ensures that the club fits your travel patterns and lifestyle. Personal travel frequency and the desire for community connection are paramount in determining the true value of a membership.

Top Benefits of RV Club Memberships

A bustling RV park with a colorful sunset backdrop.

Discovering the top benefits of RV Club memberships can unlock a new level of enjoyment and efficiency in your travel adventures. These clubs offer resources that enhance every aspect of the RV experience from savings to social connections.

Exclusive Access to Locations

Joining an RV club like Thousand Trails can be your ticket to amazing spots across the country. With a membership, you get to stay at special parks and resorts that only members can use.

Think about rolling into a beautiful campground where spaces are set aside just for your group. This means less worry about finding a place when everything else is full.

RV clubs often have their own private areas that can’t be booked by anyone without a membership. You could end up camping next to lakes or nestled in forests that regular travelers won’t find on any map—places just waiting for you and your RV friends to explore.

Imagine setting up under the stars knowing these exclusive locations are yours to enjoy as part of the club community!

Cost Savings on Stays

Being a part of an RV club comes with great deals on camp spots. You can get 10% off at many places where you park your RV for the night. This discount adds up fast, making travel more affordable.

Imagine spending less money every time you stay somewhere! With clubs like Escapees RV Club and Passport America, your membership means paying less for campsites all over.

You also get special prices just because you’re in a club. Older travelers with AARP can save even more on camping fees. Saving cash means you have more to spend on fun stuff during your travels or to keep in your pocket for other trips down the road.

Having that extra bit of budget could let you explore new places without worrying about spending too much on just staying there overnight.

Ease of Finding Campsites

Finding a good spot for your RV can be tough. Campsites fill up fast, especially in nice places or during holiday times. If you’re in an RV club, this gets much easier. You get special access to campsites that only members can use.

This means less time searching and more time enjoying the outdoors.

RV clubs also help with discounts at certain parks. Some give low rates for members only, like at Escapee parks. They might even cut costs on things like mail service when you’re on the road.

These perks make traveling in your RV easier and cheaper. It’s all about giving you more choices and making sure you have a place to stay without the hassle.

Community and Networking Opportunities

Being part of an RV club is like joining a big family on wheels. You get to meet lots of other RV owners who love hitting the road as much as you do. At special events and gatherings, you can share stories, tips, and make new friends.

This strong community feel helps when you’re far from home and looking for advice or just want to chat with someone who gets the RV lifestyle.

Imagine having buddies everywhere you go! That’s what it’s like in an RV club. You’ll find people ready to help out if your RV breaks down or suggest fun things to do in each place you visit.

Plus, these connections often turn into lasting friendships that make traveling even more fun. It’s not just about where you are going; it’s about the great people you meet along the way!

RV Traveling with Teens: Keeping Them Engaged & Happy

Traveling in an RV with teens can be a lot of fun if you keep them involved. Offer them tasks like helping to set up camp or planning the day’s route, which makes them feel important and part of the adventure.

RV clubs often host events and activities that are perfect for teens, such as group hikes, scavenger hunts, or movie nights. This gives them a chance to meet other young people and make new friends.

Encourage your teens to explore their hobbies on the road. They might enjoy photography, stargazing with a telescope, or biking on trails near your campsite. Being part of an RV club can give you access to places where these activities are ideal.

Also, some clubs have online forums and social media groups where families can share tips about traveling with kids and teenagers – it’s a great way for both parents and teens to get new ideas for making their RV trips memorable.

Considerations Before Joining an RV Club

Before you sign up for the open road camaraderie of RV clubs, it’s critical to weigh the fine print. Scrutinize membership stipulations and financial commitments to ensure they align with your travel lifestyle and budget, protecting your sense of freedom rather than imposing unexpected constraints.

Understanding Usage Rules and Restrictions

RV clubs often have rules about what kind of RVs can join. These rules make sure that everyone in the club has a similar experience and can use all the services the club offers. Some clubs might only let certain RV types, like big motorhomes or small travel trailers, be part of their group.

It’s smart to check these details so you find a club that fits with your RV.

It’s also important to know about any limits on how you can use your membership. Clubs might have rules on how often you can stay at certain campsites or if there are times when you cannot use them.

They do this to keep things fair for all members. Before joining an RV club, take time to read and understand their membership agreement so it matches what you want from your travels.

Evaluating Contracts and Membership Fees

Joining an RV club often means signing a contract and paying fees. It’s wise to think about what you get for your money and what rules you must follow.

  • Check the yearly cost: Membership fees can be as low as $30 or much higher. See if the price matches the benefits.
  • Read the fine print: Understand what you agree to in the contract. Look for any rules that could limit how you use your membership.
  • Consider long-term value: Some clubs offer more savings over time. Think about how often you’ll use the discounts and perks.
  • Compare different clubs: Not all RV clubs offer the same things. Find one that gives you what you like most, such as special places to stay or community events.
  • Ask about extra charges: Find out if there are any other costs besides the membership fee, like charges for certain locations or services.
  • Know how to leave: Learn how to end your membership if needed. Check if there are any fees or steps that make it hard to quit.
  • Look for reviews: Read what others say about their experience with the club. Happy members usually mean a good club.
  • Talk with members: Speak to current club members. They can tell you firsthand about the benefits and any issues they’ve had.
  • Review contract length: Make sure you know how long your contract lasts and what happens when it ends.
  • Understand usage limits: Some clubs may limit how often you can use certain perks. Make sure these rules fit with your travel plans.

For individuals passionate about RVing, delving into the world of RV clubs can open doors to an extensive network of resources and camaraderie. As we consider a variety of esteemed organizations, we reveal how each club offers unique features tailored to enhance your travel experiences and build lasting connections within the nomadic community.

Escapees RV Club

Escapees RV Club is all about bringing RV owners together. It gives you a place to meet other people who love RVing as much as you do. At only $39.95 per year, it’s a club that won’t break the bank and offers lots of benefits like discounts and special events.

Members get to join in on fun rallies and make friends with fellow travelers. This club is not just about saving money; it’s also about having folks around who get what life on the road is like.

Lots of members talk about how much they enjoy being part of this group because it feels like family – always there to support each other wherever their travels take them.

Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts opens doors to fantastic spots for RVers. With a membership, you get to park your RV at unique places like wineries and farms. Imagine waking up surrounded by grapevines or farm animals! It’s not just about the views; as a member, you pay $99 each year and save money while exploring over 4,203 resorts.

This club is all about special stays that are different from regular campsites.

Members of Harvest Hosts love sharing stories of their stays at museums and more. This program helps make travel with an RV full of fun surprises. Also, it’s a chance to meet other people who enjoy hitting the road in their home on wheels.

You can swap tips and make new friends along the way. So consider adding Harvest Hosts to your journey for a mix of adventure and savings.

Passport America

Passport America makes RV travel cheaper. You can join for only $44 a year. With this club, you get a big 50% off nightly rates at many parks. There are over 1,200 places in North America where you can stay for less money.

This deal helps you save cash that you can spend on other fun RV adventures. Think of all the extra snacks or cool spots you could visit with what you keep in your pocket! Passport America gives more than just discounts; it’s a smart way to make traveling by RV easy on your wallet.


Remember all the great stuff about RV clubs? Let’s go over it again. These clubs give you special places to park your RV and save you money. They make finding spots for your RV easy, introduce you to new friends, and keep teenagers busy.

You’ll want to check out a few rules before joining one, but once you’re in, the adventure starts! Look at clubs like Escapees or Harvest Hosts — they have cool perks for members.

So get out there, join a club, and start exploring with your RV family!

For insightful tips on making your RV trips enjoyable for the whole family, especially with teenagers in tow, check out our guide on RV Traveling with Teens: Keeping Them Engaged & Happy.


1. What is an RV club?

An RV club is a group where people who have RVs, or recreational vehicles, can join to meet others and get good stuff like discounts and special services.

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