Choosing The Perfect RV Security System For Peace Of Mind

Your home on wheels deserves the same safety as a brick-and-mortar house. The unsettling feeling of leaving your RV unattended can now be a thing of the past, thanks to modern security systems.

Our guide zeroes in on essential features and top picks to shield your roaming haven from unwelcome surprises. Don’t miss out—secure tranquility awaits!

Key Takeaways

  • Your RV needs a security system just like a house. Look for one that’s easy to install and use.
  • Motion detectors and alerts keep you informed about any unusual activity around your RV.
  • Choose a security system with enough sensors for all doors and windows, plus night vision cameras.
  • GPS locators in the system can track your RV if it’s stolen – giving you extra protection.
  • The right security system will have features like panic buttons, live monitoring, and fit your budget.

Factors to Consider in Choosing an RV Security System

A RV parked in a remote forest with a security camera system.

When selecting the ideal RV security system, you’re not just buying a gadget; you’re investing in your peace of mind. It’s crucial to weigh key features that align with your lifestyle on the road—things like installation convenience and real-time alerts become part of your mobile home’s defense arsenal.

Ease of Installation

Ease of installation is crucial for RV security systems. Many are designed for do-it-yourself setup. This means you can have your system up and running quickly. Look for security packs that come with clear instructions.

They should guide you through each step.

Wireless systems are popular among RV owners. They offer flexibility and often don’t need tools or drilling to install. You won’t be tied down by wires, so you can easily adjust the system as needed.

Before making a choice, think about how easy it is to put in the new system yourself. Some may still require professional help to get started right.

Presence of Motion Detectors and Alerts

Your RV is like a home on wheels, and just like any house, it needs protection. Motion detectors are your first line of defense. They watch for any movement around your camper, day or night.

If something moves out there, you’ll know about it fast because the system sends you alerts. It’s great for peace of mind, especially in quiet RV parks or busy ones where anyone could walk up.

These alerts can go straight to your phone or another device. You can be away from your motorhome and still keep an eye on things. If the system spots movement, you get an instant message telling you what’s happening back at camp.

With this real-time information, you can act quickly to protect your space or call for help if needed. And with options that include a panic button, emergency crews are only a push away when every second counts.

Number of Entry Sensors

Check the number of entry sensors in any RV security system you’re eyeing. These sensors are crucial for guarding each door and window against intruders. Think about how many openings your RV has – that’s how many sensors you’ll need to cover them all.

Not every kit includes enough, so you might have to buy extra.

Having a sensor on each potential entry point gives you control over your RV’s safety. The moment someone tries to sneak in, the alarm sounds and alerts come your way immediately. Peace of mind comes from knowing no door or window is left unwatched by your home security system.

Monitoring Options

You can watch over your RV no matter where you are. Choose a security system that lets you use your phone or computer to check on things at any time. Some systems will alert you if there’s motion, while others let you see live video.

Look for one that fits how you like to monitor your space. Whether it’s getting alerts on the go or watching a live feed, make sure it works with your devices. It could be through an app or web portal—pick what feels right for keeping an eye on your home away from home.

Night Vision Capability

Campers need to see in the dark to stay safe. That’s why night vision is essential for RV security systems. Cameras equipped with this feature use infrared technology to provide a clear view, even when it’s pitch-black outside.

This means owners can spot any suspicious activity around their RV, keeping them one step ahead of intruders.

Many modern security cameras include starlight sensors for superior nighttime clarity. They turn night into day on your screen, making sure nothing slips by unnoticed. Plus, having footage from these cameras can be vital evidence if someone tries to break in after dark.

Owners rest easier knowing that they have eyes on their campsite 24/7 with powerful night vision capability at work.

GPS Locator

A GPS locator in your RV security system is a real game-changer. Imagine being able to pinpoint your RV’s location at any time, anywhere. This feature can lead you straight to your vehicle if it gets stolen.

You’ll have the evidence of where and when the theft happened, which helps the police find your RV faster.

Some secuity systems let you track your RV through an app on your phone. If someone takes off with your home-on-wheels, you have power in your pocket to locate it quickly. Even better, share this information with law enforcement for swift action.

Plus, GPS tracking isn’t just about theft—it’s handy for keeping tabs on family trips or if you rent out your RV!

Panic Button Inclusion

Having a panic button in your RV security system brings extra safety. It lets you send an instant alert if there’s trouble. Imagine you hear a strange noise or sense danger, just hit the button and help is on the way.

You won’t need to find your phone or type anything. This quick response could be a lifesaver.

The Reolink Go PT Plus stands out for its panic button feature. It’s designed to keep you safe during unexpected situations. Safety should always come first on the road, and this simple addition makes sure of that.

Keep peace of mind knowing that with one push, assistance isn’t far off.

Top 5 RV Security Systems for 2024

When safeguarding your rolling refuge, the top 5 RV security systems for 2024 stand out with their cutting-edge features and robust protection—keep reading to discover which system resonates best with your travel lifestyle.

Arlo Pro 4

The Arlo Pro 4 shines as a top pick for RV security. It stands out with its ability to be mounted almost anywhere, thanks to its flexible angle. You won’t need wires or complicated tools, making the setup quick and hassle-free.

This system also boasts two-way audio, allowing you to chat with someone near your RV from anywhere.

It ticks all the right boxes for keeping an eye on your home away from home. Motion detection alerts you instantly if there’s activity around your RV. The camera captures clear footage even at night, so you can rest easy.

With just a few clicks on your smartphone or tablet, you’re connected to your Arlo Pro 4 – peace of mind in the palm of your hand.

SimpliSafe Home Security System

SimpliSafe makes sure your RV stays safe wherever you park it. This system starts at $200 and lets you customize your security needs. You can add water and freeze sensors, great for keeping an eye on your RV in any weather.

SimpliSafe is easy to set up with no drilling needed.

You won’t miss a beat with this smart system either—it pairs with Alexa for voice controls. Imagine turning on the alarm or checking sensors just by asking! Even if you’re away from your RV, real-time alerts go straight to your phone so you always know what’s happening.

With SimpliSafe, peace of mind comes standard whenever and wherever you hit the road.

The Reolink Argus 2 stands out for RV security, priced at just $99.99 on Amazon. It’s a breeze to set up and doesn’t tie you down with monthly fees for cloud recording. Enjoy peace of mind with clear night vision and two-way audio – talk to visitors or scare off intruders right from your phone or tablet.

Charge this gadget using solar power, keeping it powered up without hassle. Motion sensors keep an eye out when you’re not around, sending alerts straight to your device if something moves.

Plus, there’s no need for complicated wiring; place the camera where you need it most in your RV. Save footage directly on an SD card and enjoy Alexa compatibility – control the system with just your voice!

Canary All-in-One Indoor Security Camera

Keep your RV secure with the Canary All-in-One Indoor Security Camera. This camera is a standout for protecting your space. It’s easy to set up, so you won’t need to spend hours figuring it out.

Watch over your home on-the-go as this nifty device sends alerts straight to your phone if it senses movement.

The Canary isn’t just a regular camera; it boasts night vision and a built-in siren that you can trigger from anywhere. If you ever feel uneasy, hit the panic button to sound the alarm immediately.

Plus, its sleek design means it blends in without being an eyesore. Stay safe on all your adventures with peace of mind, knowing that the Canary is watching over your RV day and night.

Tattletale Portable Alarm System

The Tattletale Portable Alarm System stands out for its easy setup and impressive features. It’s a hit with RV owners looking for quick security fixes. You won’t need extra tools or complicated wiring to get it going – just turn it on, and you’re set.

Prices range from $12 to $500, so there’s an option for every budget.

This system packs a punch with motion detectors that send alerts straight to your phone. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’ve got eyes on your RV at all times, whether you’re hitting the road or parked up for the winter months.

With Tattletale, rest assured that any signs of trouble won’t go unnoticed.


Protect your home on wheels with the right security system. Look for features that match your needs, like motion detectors and GPS locators. Remember to check if you can monitor it easily from your phone or computer.

With these tips in mind, you’ll find a security system that keeps both your RV and peace of mind safe wherever the road takes you. Enjoy your adventures knowing you’ve made a smart choice for safety.


1. What features should I look for in an RV security system?

Look for a security alarm that’s loud enough to deter thieves, and make sure it can connect to a solar panel for power. Also, check if it pairs well with smart devices like Amazon Echo or Amazon Tap.

2. Can I still protect my RV even if I’m not close by?

You bet! Opt-in for a VPN service — this way, you can keep an eye on your merchandise through connected cameras securely, even when you’re miles away.

3. Is it hard to install these security systems myself?

Most of the time, no – installation steps are straightforward. But remember, if you get stuck, many products come with a help guide or customer support to assist you.

4. If I gift an RV security system, what should I include?

Always include the gift receipt! This thoughtful touch allows the receiver to exchange the system just in case it doesn’t suit their needs or they want different features like a smart doorbell instead.

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