The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Perfect RV Welcome Mat

Selecting the ideal RV welcome mat goes beyond aesthetics; it’s a blend of practicality and personal expression. From withstanding elements to showcasing your style, we delve into what really matters for that first step into your home on wheels.

Mat size

Mat size matters a lot for your RV welcome mat. You want the perfect fit for your doorway, whether you have a cozy camper or a spacious motorhome. Check your entryway’s dimensions and then pick a mat that covers the space just right.

Smaller mats are great for snug spots, while bigger ones will suit larger steps.

Make sure to choose a mat that won’t trip you up or get caught under the door. It needs to lie flat and stay put. Look out for options in different sizes so you can find one that says “home is where you park it” with style and safety in mind.

A right-sized outdoor mat welcomes guests and keeps dirt outside where it belongs.

Material and durability

Choose a welcome mat made of strong materials like coir to withstand outdoor conditions. These mats handle dirt, rain, and sun without breaking down quickly. Some can even last for years with proper care.

Look for ones that state they are perfect for motor homes or campgrounds use.

Pick a mat with a non-slip backing to keep it in place on different surfaces. This feature helps prevent trips and falls as you enter or leave your RV. Mats from Camping World or Etsy offer these durable options at various price points, some with discounts up to 50% off.

Check the receipt after buying with your credit card to ensure you got the right deal!

Design and personal style

Pick a welcome mat that shows off your unique style. Your mat can say “Happy Camper” or “Home is Where You Park It,” making your RV feel like home. Etsy has many personalized mats to choose from.

You can add your family name or a picture that you love. Think about what designs make you smile, and go for it! Your RV’s doorstep is the first thing friends see, so let your personality shine through with a custom design.

Colors and patterns matter too. Look for vibrant colors if you like things bright and cheerful, or get something more classic if that’s your taste. With the right design, your RV will stand out at any campsite.

Remember, it’s not just about keeping dirt out; it’s also about welcoming guests in style!

Ease of cleaning

Your RV welcome mat will face dirt, mud, and all sorts of outdoor elements. Choosing a mat that’s easy to clean makes life on the road much simpler. Look for options with materials that you can hose off or shake out quickly.

Some mats even have washable covers, so you can just throw them in the machine and air dry.

Mats made from synthetic fibers tend to resist stains and stand up well to scrubbing. Teak designer shower mats are also great as they don’t absorb water, making them less prone to mildew.

The easier it is to clean your mat, the longer it’ll look welcoming at your RV doorstep!

Top RV Welcome Mat Choices for 2023

A colorful RV welcome mat with a scenic outdoor background.

Delve into the world of RV welcome mats where functionality meets style—our curated selection for 2023 is designed to make your mobile abode both inviting and practical; stay tuned to explore these top picks that promise to elevate the entrance of any rolling retreat.

Camper Door Mat – RV Welcome Mat, RV Mat 30 X 17 Inch

Keep your RV clean and welcoming with the Camper Door Mat. This sturdy mat measures 30 x 17 inches, perfect for sitting outside any camper door. Made to last, it can handle outdoor conditions with ease.

The design adds a touch of personality to your RV while helping to scrape off mud and dirt from shoes.

You’ll find this must-have RV accessory on Etsy, where shopping is simple. Prices vary based on style and personalization options. Many sellers offer perks like free shipping if you spend over $35 USD.

Choose from a range of designs, or pick a personalized option that shows off your unique style!

Comfoyar Camper RV Door Mat, Home is Where We Park It

Comfoyar Camper RV Door Mat welcomes guests with its playful message, “Home is Where We Park It”. This outdoor mat catches the eye and sets a friendly tone for your motor home or camper.

You can find it on Etsy, where style meets functionality. Made to handle foot traffic, this durable mat holds up under the comings and goings of adventurous life.

Etsy shines in offering unique items like this door mat that adds personality to your RV doorstep. Not only does it serve as a practical piece for wiping off shoes but also as a fun expression of your love for the open road.

Easy to clean, you won’t have any trouble keeping it looking great no matter where you park your home away from home.

Camco Life Is Better At The Campsite Scrub Mat

Bring personality to your RV doorstep with the Camco Life Is Better At The Campsite Scrub Mat. This outdoor mat stands out for its durability and camping-themed design. It’s crafted to handle the rough conditions of camp life, from mud to rain.

You can even add a personal touch by customizing it with your name.

Keeping this mat clean is a breeze, ensuring you can always welcome guests with style and not dirt. The vibrant print on the Camco scrub mat captures the essence of adventure and makes every camper feel at home.

It’s more than just practical; it’s a statement that celebrates the joy of life on wheels.

Personalized Welcome To Our Camper Entrance Door Mat

Roll out a unique welcome with a Personalized Welcome To Our Camper Entrance Door Mat. This mat lets you add your own touch right at the doorstep of your RV. Choose from designs like happy camper personalized RV doormats or custom RV door mats that reflect your style.

These special mats are more than just functional; they’re a statement of your camping spirit.

Getting one for your rolling home is easy and fun. You get to decide what it says, whether it’s your family name, a favorite quote, or something that makes you smile every time you step in or out of your RV.

They’re great conversation starters and make finding your site in a sea of campers as simple as pie!

Aucuda Happy Camper RV Door Mat for Indoor Outside Entrance

The Aucuda Happy Camper RV Door Mat makes a great first impression at your rolling home’s entrance. This mat fits perfectly for both indoor and outdoor use, greeting guests with style.

It offers durability and stands up well to the daily foot traffic of camp life. You can find this cheerful welcome mat on Etsy, supporting small businesses while shopping.

Imagine stepping out of your RV onto a personalized mat that reflects your travel spirit. With customization options available, you’ll make the Aucuda Happy Camper door mat uniquely yours.

Plus, if you spend $35 or more with participating sellers on Etsy, you get free shipping. Check for discounts too—they could range from 20% to 50% off!

Caring for Your RV Welcome Mat

Your RV welcome mat stands as a guard to your home on wheels. Keeping it clean and in good shape makes your RV feel welcoming. Here’s how to care for your mat:

  • Shake it out regularly. Dirt and small rocks can stick to the mat. Give it a good shake every few days to keep it tidy.
  • Vacuum when needed. Sometimes shaking isn’t enough. Use a handheld or small vacuum to pull up extra dirt.
  • Spot clean spills quickly. If something spills, clean it right away with soap and water.
  • Check the cleaning instructions. Each mat has its own rules for washing. Make sure you follow them so your mat lasts longer.
  • Sun – dry after washing. Letting your mat dry in the sun helps prevent mold and mildew from growing.
  • Store properly during travel. Roll up your mat or lay it flat in a storage area while driving to prevent damage.
  • Rotate your mat often. This prevents one side from wearing out too quickly because of foot traffic and sunlight.
  • Replace when worn out. Even the best mats don’t last forever. When yours looks tired, get a new one to keep your RV looking great.


Picking the right RV welcome mat is all about matching it to your lifestyle. Think about size, material, and your own unique flair. Remember to keep it clean for a lasting impression.

With so many great options out there, you’re sure to find one that speaks to you. Happy travels and happy hunting for that perfect welcome touch!


1. Why is choosing the right RV welcome mat important?

Let’s dive in—the perfect RV welcome mat isn’t just about keeping dirt out; it makes your home-on-wheels feel welcoming! Plus, it’s your first chance to show off your style.

2. What should I look for in an RV welcome mat?

Look, you want a mat that’s tough against mud but easy on the eyes. It needs to be durable, weather-resistant, and match your vibe—whether that’s cool patterns or classic looks.

3. How do I keep my welcome mat clean while on the road?

Here’s a tip: shake it out regularly, maybe give it a quick scrub with soapy water now and then. Keepin’ it clean means a tidy RV and happier travels.

4. Can my RV welcome mat reflect my personality?

Absolutely! Your welcome mat can shout “you” from the get-go—pick colors and designs that scream (or whisper) who you are to every guest stepping into your mobile haven.

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