RV welcome mat by Camco

Camper welcome mat options for your campsite (2023)

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What is a camper welcome mat?

A camper welcome mat or personalized RV welcome mat is a great way to say “welcome to my traveling home” right on your door step. This sends a message that you’re friendly and welcome the interaction with new friends and neighbors. It’s also a fun and fairly inexpensive way to make your site your own. These are a great addition regardless of if you have a teardrop, travel trailer, pop-up, Class-C, Class A, or fifth wheel. One size fits all.

RV welcome mat by Camco
RV welcome mat by Camco

Why do I need an camper welcome mat?

An RV Welcome Mat serves several purposes:

  • Having a mat at the base of your RV stairs gives guests an opportunity to clean the dirt and mud from their feet before entering your camper, which means less sweeping later
  • We trained our dog to stop at the mat before entering the camper, so he can wipe his paws as well
  • Putting a mat just inside the door of the camper is a good alternative to placing one at the base of the stairs, when the ground outside is not ideal for placing a mat
  • A welcome mat tells your new temporary neighbors that you’re friendly and encourage them to say “Hello”
  • A personalized RV welcome mat even introduces you by name

Product suggestions

Here are some great RV welcome mat choices we love:

Most Durable Camper Welcome Mat option: Camco Life is Better at the Campsite welcome mat

  • Rubber backed so it doesn’t slip
  • Textured to scrub dirt off of shoes and feet
  • Weatherproof

Best Personalized RV Welcome Mat: Customized Welcome To Our Campsite Doormat

  • Rubber backed
  • Custom imprint of your name
  • Textured to remove dirt

We hope you enjoy these options as much as we do. They are the perfect addition to any RV camper site. Whether you’re visiting for a weekend or for a month, this says “come on in”. If you see ours out, please stop by and say hello!

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