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27 RV kitchen accessories you need (updated for 2024)

As a seasonal camper with a 5th wheel, we are in our camper kitchen more weekends than our home kitchen during the summer. From Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon most of our meals come from our RV kitchen. What we quickly learned when we started out camping is the importance of having the right RV kitchen accessories. We are also seasonal campers along with 200+ other RVs. Get-togethers with other campers are frequent, and to “bring a dish” means cook for more than just our family. Figuring out how to make this work was a challenge, but now we have it down to a science, and this is largely based on how we use our RV kitchen.

To help out my fellow RV owners, I created this article from personal experience. If you’re looking for a list of camper kitchen supplies and RV kitchen must haves, this is it. RV kitchens are different than home kitchens, so we have to adjust our thinking – “RV kitchen gadgets” instead of just “kitchen gadgets”. I hope this list of camper kitchen accessories helps you on your journey to a fully stocked RV kitchen setup.

This is the kitchen in our current camper

Considerations for RV kitchens

As a new RV camper owner, you may be asking “What should I put in my RV kitchen?”. There are a few things to consider when you’re looking for kitchen accessories for RV. Everything I write about here comes from first-hand or second-hand experience.

First, you need to consider the limited amount of space you have between counter space, cabinets and drawers. Smaller refrigerator, smaller oven (what my wife likes to call the EZ-bake model), less counter space. Unless you have a massive fifth wheel or park model trailer, you more than likely have smaller appliances. This means you need to optimize for every inch you have and make the most of it.

Second, consider that you are camping outdoors so stay away from things that break easily. Stay away from fragile items like delicate wine glasses and lightweight glass serving platters. Stick to plastic, stainless steel, or heavyweight glass for cooking and serving.

Third, you will more than likely have to wash these items by hand, so pick accessories that clean up easily. Most plastics clean up easily with some Dawn dish soap and a scrubby sponge. Non-stick pans are your friend for cleanup, especially when your water supply is limited. Ceramic-type frying pans have come a long way as well.

Size matters in your RV kitchen

Choose RV kitchen accessories that stack neatly to take up less space. Also pick items that can serve more than one purpose.

Nesting bowls

Nesting bowls with air-tight lids are a game changer for your RV kitchen. They save space and keep food fresh, making them a smart choice for campers. Imagine stacking your mixing bowls neatly inside each other—the smallest to the largest—one quick pull, and you have just what you need without rummaging through cabinets.

These handy kitchen accessories also make meals on-the-go stress-free. Snap on an air-tight lid, and you’re set for any adventure; whether it’s leftovers or prepped ingredients, they stay secured until you’re ready to enjoy them.

Plus, their sleek design means more room for all your RV cooking accessories!

Plastic nesting bows
Plastic nesting bowls are a space saver for an RV kitchen

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Small cookie sheet pans with taller sides fit perfectly in RV ovens. They help you make the most of your limited kitchen space. The high edges stop spills and let you cook lots of different foods.

Use them to bake cookies, roast veggies, or even serve snacks when friends come over.

These pans are not just for sweets; they become handy tools for preparing full meals. Picture turning out juicy chicken thighs or a golden-brown focaccia right in your camper kitchen! Tall-sided cookie sheets offer the freedom to get creative with recipes while keeping cleanup simple and mess-free.

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Sink drying rack

Maximize your RV kitchen space with a roll-out sink drying rack. It spans across the sink neatly, creating an extra area for drying dishes without taking up precious counter space.

These racks are perfect for small kitchens in campers and motorhomes. Plus, they’re easy to store when not in use.

Choose a multi-purpose sink drying rack designed specifically for camper kitchens. Such accessories save space and offer convenience while you travel. This smart solution lets you dry plates, cups, and silverware right over the kitchen sink, keeping everything organized in your compact RV kitchen setup.

TIP: Make sure you measure your sink dimensions before buying one.

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Conveniences of home in your RV Kitchen

Your RV is your home away from home. So why not have all the conveniences of home? Here are some kitchen accessories for RV you can bring along when you’re on the road.

Keurig coffee maker

This is a matter of preference, but we love the ability to pop in a coffee pod and make just one cup of coffee. My wife uses the Keurig for hot water for her tea. We also use Keurig at home, so we bulk order coffee pods and split them between home and camp. Our Keurig sits on its organizer rack (see next item).

A Keurig coffee maker brings the comfort of your home kitchen into your RV with the press of a button. Perfect for mornings or a quick pick-me-up, it serves up a delicious cup of joe without needing extra space.

This gadget is ideal for RV living thanks to its compact design and easy-to-use pods. You find yourself saving time and energy each day.

With this coffee maker, you don’t have to miss out on variety either – choose from many flavors and brew strengths. It’s like having a mini coffee shop right in your camper! The practicality shines through as it eliminates the need for filters and loose grounds.

Just pop in a pod, press start, and enjoy your hot beverage without any mess or hassle.

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Keurig organizer

This Keurig organizer drawer allows you to keep a variety of coffee pods accessible without taking up precious counter space in the RV kitchen. We load ours with a mix of hot chocolate, Dunkin coffee pods and decaf tea for my wife.

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Utensil organizer

Keep your forks, spoons, and knives in order with a sturdy utensil organizer. It’s perfect for RV kitchens because it won’t tip over easily and saves precious space. This must-have camper kitchen accessory lets you find what you need without digging through drawers.

We primarily use plasticware at the camper, but the multipack didn’t fit in the drawer. Fill this utensil organizer with plastic ware, or load it up with stainless steel forks, spoons and knives. We use our utensil organizer a little different than home. When we eat outside at a picnic table, we bring the entire organizer and put it back when we are done.

Choose one that fits neatly in your limited counter area or inside a cabinet.

Opt for a compact design that can hold all your essential cooking tools. With an organized system, meal prep becomes faster and less hectic. You’ll enjoy the ease of having every spatula or whisk right at your fingertips, especially when cooking in smaller quarters like an RV kitchen.

A well-chosen utensil organizer is a simple way to keep your camper kitchen tidy and functional.

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Soft touch can opener

Instead of taking up counter space with an electric can opener, a manual can opener can be put back in a drawer when done. I prefer the soft touch model that locks onto the can.

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Compact Toaster

Keeping a toaster in your RV kitchen is a matter of preference, depending on how often you toast. A smaller two-slice toaster takes a little less room in the cabinet. This compact toaster has wider slots but a narrower overall base for better storability.

Its small size fits perfectly on limited counters, saving precious space for other camper kitchen essentials. Toast bread, bagels, and more without hogging the countertop.

Enjoy breakfast favorites just like at home but with the freedom of the open road.

I know know the value of practical solutions in tight spaces—like an RV’s cozy cooking area. A compact toaster doesn’t just make sense; it’s a smart choice for travelers who love their toasted treats.

Crisp up some slices and start your adventure-filled day with this must-have RV accessory, recommended by those who know what life on wheels is all about.

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Instant Pot

The evolution of the crock pot, with an Instant Pot you can “set it and forget it” and come back to a delicious hot meal. Perfect for preparing meals while you’re out on a hike, or bringing a hot dish to a get together.

The Instant Pot is a game-changer for RV cooking. It combines several appliances in one, saving you space and hassle. Use it as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, or even to sauté vegetables.

Meals come together quickly with minimal clean-up required.

I swear by the Instant Pot’s practicality for campers. Imagine enjoying your favorite home-cooked meals while surrounded by nature. This appliance packs easily and makes cooking in your camper kitchen a breeze.

Plus, the variety of dishes you can whip up is almost endless – from stews to pot roasts to comforting soups!

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Countertop Ice Maker

RV kitchens have small freezers, and ice is in high demand on hot summer days. A small standalone ice maker makes sure you have plenty of ice an makes it fairly quickly.

Enjoy ice-cold beverages anywhere with a countertop ice maker in your RV. This must-have gadget fits perfectly in compact spaces and churns out plenty of ice for all your drinks. Forget about rushing to the store for bags of ice; this machine has you covered.

Its sleek design won’t crowd your kitchen, leaving more room for meal prep and other activities.

Having an ice maker on hand means always being ready to serve chilled lemonade or iced tea after a long hike. It’s an essential piece of RV kitchenware that makes sure you never miss out on the comfort of a refreshing drink, even while miles away from convenience stores.

Keep your cool no matter where your travels take you, with this practical addition to your camper kitchen set.

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Food prep and serving

Set yourself up for successful meal prep and hosting with these RV kitchen accessories. Get the road-worthy versions of food prep utensils.

Knives with covers

A friend of ours introduced us to these knives and we love them. This knife can go in the pocket of a cooler without causing damage. You can cut up food (think cheese and crackers) at the picnic table or down by the pool, then safely put it away.

They keep blades sharp and prevent accidents during travel. Slide them into drawers or hang on hooks without worry—safety comes first! A seasoned camper always packs his or her knife set with secure covers.

Choose knives that come with their own protective sheaths for easy storage. They’ll stay put while you navigate winding roads or set up camp. Wipe them clean, slip on the cover, and rest easy knowing your kitchen is safe and prepared for your next meal adventure.

Covered knives are not just savvy; they’re essential in any well-equipped camper kitchen setup.

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Non-metal serving utensils

Non-metal serving utensils are a camper’s best friend. They’re strong and light, perfect for eating outside or in your RV kitchen. You’ll love them because they don’t scratch non-stick surfaces like pans and pots.

Choose these utensils to keep your cookware safe.

These utensils are a must-have for serving in or outside the camper, and it’s always better to have extra. Silicone is less likely to damage foil pans, and the handles don’t get hot when left in hot food. Great selection for RV kitchenware.

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Serving platter with plastic cover

Keep your food safe and ready to serve with a serving platter that comes with a plastic cover. This accessory is vital for outdoor dining in your RV. It shields your meals from unwanted pests and dust while you enjoy the scenery.

The plastic cover also makes it simple to carry dishes from the kitchen to the picnic table or a friend’s campsite.

Prepare your dish to share, whether it’s a veggie platter or a dessert, and then put it in this container and put the locking cover on top. The lid even doubles as an ice tray to keep the dish chilled.

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Collapsible crates

Collapsible crates are the secret heroes of RV kitchens, perfect for campers who need to save space. You can pack them full when you’re stocking up or fold them flat to slip into tight spots after use.

These sturdy boxes hold your groceries, dishes, and other kitchen supplies securely while you’re on the move. Once you arrive at your destination, they’re great for organizing your items exactly where you need them.

Smart packing is a breeze with these versatile crates, which make it easy to keep everything tidy and accessible in your camper kitchen. They adapt quickly to whatever size you require—one minute holding snacks for a crowd; the next tucked away out of sight.

Load up your glass bottles or anything else you need to take off the shelves before you pull out. These crates fold up neat and tuck away under your dining area seating or couch when not in use.

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Countertop utensil organizer

This organizer is heavy enough not to tip over when grabbing a spoon or a whisk, and doesn’t take up too much counter space. Easier than fishing through the drawer for serving or cooking utensils. Stores away in a cabinet without tipping during travel.Plus, it doesn’t hog counter space, leaving you more room for chopping veggies or mixing batter.

Your camper kitchen supplies will be tidy and within easy reach.

Choose an organizer that matches your RV’s style. Whether sleek stainless steel or country chic wood, this is not only about function but also adding a touch of home to your mobile space.

With all your tools standing at attention, meal prep becomes quicker and less of a headache. This smart addition to kitchen accessories for RV ensures everything has its place on the road.

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Napkin dispenser

A little bit retro, this napkin dispenser is perfect to leave on your table without taking up a ton of space. It’s also great for when you go outside to the picnic table. Loads up and dispenses from both sides.

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Deep pot with lid

Whether it’s corn on the cob, Maine lobster or a large batch of potatoes, sometimes you need a BIG pot. This pot is a massive 20 quarts! Stainless steel means you can use it outside on the grill or inside on the stove. Stores easily in the cabinet, the underbelly storage or under the bed if you have the flip-up style with storage underneath.

Cook up a storm or boil water without worry—its heavy-duty construction means it’s built to last through all your travels.

Making pasta for the family? Use this versatile cookware piece on your camp stove or RV range. The included lid helps keep heat inside, speeding up cooking time so you can enjoy more of the great outdoors.

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Small pots and pans set

Choose a small pots and pans set for your RV kitchen to make the most of tight spaces. I refer to these pans as our “dollhouse” pans because they are smaller than the typical set you’d use at home. Non-stick for easy cleanup, and they stack easily for under cabinet storage. These sets are perfect because they stack together, saving you room in cabinets or drawers. Look for non-stick surfaces to make cleaning up easy after cooking.

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Ceramic non-stick frying pan

If you do a lot of eggs or frying pan cooking, these new ceramic non-stick pans are fantastic for cleanup. We bought ours after another camper permanently “borrowed” the frying pan from our regular non-stick set.

Cooking on the go should still taste great. With this frying pan, you can whip up meals just like at home but with less hassle. Its durable design stands up to bumps on the road so you don’t have to worry about damage as you travel.

Plus, no need for heaps of oil or butter – it’s healthier for your family and easier on your wallet too!

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Bamboo utensils

Bamboo cooking utensils are awesome.

Bamboo utensils are a top choice for RV kitchens. They’re light and won’t scratch your non-stick pans. You can stir, flip, and serve without worrying about harming the surface. These tools also save precious drawer space.

Choose bamboo for its durability and ease of cleaning. It’s an eco-friendly option that handles all your cooking needs on the road.

They’re lightweight, but you can apply some pressure to these without breaking them. They also don’t get too hot when cooking.

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Collapsible Whisk

Whisks are a great accessory to have in the kitchen but they take up a lot of space. A collapsible whisk belongs in your RV kitchen. It’s the tool that doesn’t steal precious space. Whisk eggs for breakfast or stir sauces without cluttering drawers. This smart gadget flattens with a twist, making it simple to tuck away after use. A collapsible whisk fits neatly in a drawer without taking up the whole thing or eating up all the space in your utensil can.

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Easier eating

Get set up for success when you don’t have your dining room in tow.

Steak knives

Plastic knives cut a lot of things, but sometimes you just need a plain old fashioned steak knife. The non-serrated blade is less likely to tear up a paper plate.

Steak knives are a must-have in your RV kitchen toolkit. You’ll find them essential for slicing through meats with ease. These knives stand out from other cutlery thanks to their sharp, serrated blades which make cutting steaks and other tough foods a breeze.

Remember, safety is key; always opt for steak knives that come with protective covers. This helps prevent accidents during travel and ensures the blades stay sharp.

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Paper plate holders

These paper plate holders are really cool for when people are standing to eat or don’t have a table to eat at (like in a camp chair).

Paper plate holders are a smart addition to your RV kitchen supplies. Imagine enjoying a meal without worrying about spills or flimsy plates folding under your burger.

These holders make it easy to eat outside by the campfire or inside at your cozy dinette.

Grab a holder, slide in a paper plate, and you’re all set for dinner. Cleanup is a breeze – just toss the used plate and wipe down the holder. For those who love practical motorhome kitchen accessories, paper plate holders are essential.

They save space and add convenience to mealtimes in any camper trailer kitchen.

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If you hand-wash dishes like most campers do, a quick dry dish towel is your friend.

Dishcloths are a must-have in any RV kitchen. They’re not just for cleaning up spills and wiping counters; they’re perfect for hand-washing dishes, too. Pack them when you travel to protect your dishware from getting chipped or cracked on the road.

You can wrap plates and cups with dishcloths before storing them to add extra padding.

Choose dishcloths that dry quickly to avoid mildew smell in the small space of an RV. Have a few on hand so you can rotate them out for washing. They’re lightweight, easy to pack, and always useful whether you’re prepping food or enjoying a meal under the stars.

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Squeeze bottles with covers

Squeeze bottles with covers are a smart pick for your RV kitchen. They keep sauces and oils neat and tidy, saving you from messy spills. You’ll love how they streamline your cooking area, making it easier to grab what you need without digging through cabinets.

Most condiments come in their own squeeze bottles, but other cooking fluids like oil and vinegar do not. Load them into these translucent squeeze bottles with a snap on cover to keep them handy in or outside of the camper.

These handy accessories let you squirt just the right amount of ketchup or mustard on your burgers—no fuss, no waste.

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Insulated coffee mugs

Take your coffee or tea on the go and keep it hot for hours with a well insulated mug. They lock in the heat, keeping your morning joe steaming for hours as you soak in the sunrise. These mugs mean no more rushing through your first cup or suffering through lukewarm sips.

Just pour, sip, and enjoy – whether you’re on a mountain peak or beside a tranquil lake.

Grabbing one of these is smart for any camper trailer kitchen accessories list. Not only do they make sure your hot drinks stay hot, but they also keep cold beverages chilled on sunny afternoons.

Choose one made of stainless steel to guard against drops. Also make sure the lid closes to keep liquids and heat inside and prevent spills. Personally, I’m a big YETI fan and they make them in tons of different colors.

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Insulated tumblers

Keep water, soda, and adult beverages ice cold with a well insulated tumbler.

They keep your drinks cool, giving you that refreshing sip even hours into your adventure. Picture this: it’s a hot day and you reach for your tumbler, only to find the ice still clinking around in your drink, just as crisp as when you poured it.

Keep one of these rugged companions by your side whether you’re lounging under the awning or taking in the scenic views on a hike. With their durable design, they won’t crack or spill easily, perfect for life on the move.

Your coffee stays hot and your lemonade icy with no worry about quick temperature changes ruining either. Make sure to pick up an insulated tumbler – it’s one of those RV kitchen must-haves that seamlessly melds convenience with comfort wherever you roam.

A larger one is better to leave room for ice. Again, I’m a big YETI fan and can’t say enough good things about these products.


Everyone will haves their own preferences for RV kitchen accessories. The ones listed above are from my own experience or the experiences of close friends. Your mileage may vary. Best of luck in your updated camper kitchen!

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