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Campground Golf Cart Games To Spice Up Your Outdoor Adventures

Seeking new ways to amp up the fun at the campground? Golf carts aren’t just for teeing off — they’re a burgeoning focal point for inventive games that transform seasonal camping life.

In this post, we’ll steer you through an array of golf cart activities designed to energize your outdoor adventures and bring loads of laughter to your group. Let’s roll into some exhilarating fun!

Key Takeaways

  • Golf cart games at campgrounds, like decorating contests and rodeos, can add fun and community spirit to outdoor adventures.
  • Safety is important in golf cart games. Use helmets and seat belts, drive slowly, get carts checked before use, and have consent forms ready.
  • Different golf cart games include scavenger hunts for exploring the campground, poker runs for strategy lovers, and pub crawls for socializing with neighbors.
  • Golf cart parades encourage creativity through themes and decorations while fostering friendly competition with prizes for the best designs.
  • Always be considerate of others by respecting copyright laws when sharing images online and keeping noise levels down during evening events.

Safety Measures for Golf Cart Games

Always put safety first during campground golf cart games. Use helmets and seat belts if available. Keep your speed low, especially around turns and where people gather. Before any event, check that all golf carts are in good working condition.

Look for issues with brakes, steering, or tires.

As you plan activities like a blindfolded golf cart rodeo, set clear rules to follow. Pick an open area away from campers and obstacles for the course. Make sure drivers can’t see anything while blindfolded and that they trust their guides completely.

This keeps everyone involved safe.

It’s also important to talk about liability before starting the fun. Get consent forms signed by all participants to cover potential accidents under the terms of service at places like Jellystone Park or other campgrounds hosting these events.

Remember to respect all copyright laws when sharing photos or videos from your adventures! It’s crucial not just for legal reasons but also as a courtesy to fellow RV owners who might not want their images posted online without permission.

Exciting Campground Golf Cart Games

A group of campers playing golf cart relay races in a wooded campground.

Rev up your stay at the campground with innovative golf cart games that promise to add a dash of competition and camaraderie to your outdoor experience. These activities are designed not just for entertainment but also to foster community spirit among RV enthusiasts—a perfect blend of fun and socializing on wheels!

Golf Cart Decorating Contest and Parade

Get creative with a golf cart decorating contest and parade at your campground. Show off your style, flair, and family fun while cruising around in your decked-out ride.

Our golf cart parade entry for 2023 was a rolling tiki bar
  • Choose a theme for your golf cart. Ideas include holiday celebrations, sports teams, favorite movies, or wild patterns.
  • Gather decorations that can withstand the outdoors. Think about using streamers, balloons, signs, and lights that are weather-proof.
  • Dress up to match your golf cart’s theme. Costumes add extra excitement and can impress the judges.
  • Invite friends and neighbors to join the fun. More carts mean a bigger parade and more laughter.
  • Set up a panel of judges among RV owners at the campground. They’ll look for creativity, effort, and theme execution.
  • Offer a prize to stir up competition. It could be something simple like a trophy or gift card.
  • Plan a parade route that’s safe for everyone. Make sure it goes through parts of the campground where others can watch and cheer.
  • Consider safety when decorating. Ensure nothing blocks your view or could become hazardous while driving.
  • Check all decorations are secure before starting the parade. You wouldn’t want anything flying off during your grand tour!
  • Take pictures and share them with fellow campers or on social media. It’s great to look back on the fun memories you’ve created.

Golf Cart Rodeo

Golf Cart Rodeo is a thrilling game for campground fun. It combines skill, teamwork, and laughter in one exciting event. Here’s how you can enjoy the rodeo with your golf cart:

  • Set up an obstacle course using cones, barrels, and other safe materials.
  • Gather teams of two; one blindfolded driver and one passenger who gives directions.
  • The passenger directs the driver through the obstacle course without any crashes.
  • Time each team as they navigate the course to add competitive excitement.
  • Make sure the driver can’t see anything; safety is key here!
  • Passengers must only use words—no touching the driver or steering wheel allowed.
  • Celebrate at the end with prizes for the fastest team or most spirited duo.

Golf Cart Scavenger Hunt

Get ready for a fun twist on scavenger hunts using your golf cart. This game transforms the campground into an exciting adventure land.

  • Choose a game leader to create clues and hide them around the campground.
  • The leader makes a list of items or landmarks at the campsite that players must find.
  • Each team grabs a map of the campground and some paper for writing down their finds.
  • Players use their golf carts to zip around searching for clues.
  • They take selfies with each item or location as proof they found it.
  • Set a time limit to ramp up the challenge – maybe 1 hour.
  • Be safe! Make sure everyone knows to drive slowly and watch out for others.
  • At the end, teams meet back at a central spot to share pictures and see who won.
  • Offer small prizes like camping gear or decorations for the best hunters.
  • Laugh and have fun as you explore new corners of your outdoor home.

Golf Cart Poker Run

Golf Cart Poker Run is an entertaining game for campground visitors. It turns a regular ride into a thrilling adventure where players aim to get the best poker hand.

  • Start by setting up five checkpoints around the campground.
  • At each checkpoint, participants pick up a playing card sealed in an envelope.
  • Make sure to have volunteers at each spot to hand out cards and cheer on the players.
  • Players drive their golf carts from one point to another, collecting cards.
  • Keep safety in mind—set a speed limit and require that all drivers follow campground rules.
  • After getting cards from all checkpoints, players meet at the final spot.
  • Here, everyone opens their envelopes and reveals their poker hands.
  • The person with the best poker hand wins a prize!
  • Create fun categories for prizes like ‘Most Creative Strategy’ or ‘Luckiest Draw’.
  • Offer consolation prizes to keep everyone excited until the end.

Golf Cart Campsite Pub Crawl

Get ready to mix fun and friendship with a Golf Cart Campsite Pub Crawl. Bring your RV neighbors together for an evening of laughter and good times.

  • Plan your route around the campground, picking out spots to stop. These can be different campsites willing to play host.
  • Invite fellow RV owners to join in. Make sure everyone knows it’s a friendly crawl with golf carts as their rides.
  • Set some ground rules for drinking responsibly. Safety is key, so keep alcohol levels light and remind everyone about not driving their actual vehicles afterward.
  • Encourage each host campsite to prepare a unique drink or snack. This adds variety and lets campers show off their favorite recipes.
  • Give out scorecards for participants to rate each pub stop. They can mark points for the best drink, snack, or hospitality.
  • Choose a final gathering spot for everyone to share stories from the night. It could be a communal area like a fire pit or picnic tables.
  • Consider prizes or awards for hosts and participants. Categories might include ‘Most Creative Drink’ or ‘Best Decorated Golf Cart.’
  • Take pictures at each stop along the way! Create fun memories with selfies that include your decked-out golf cart.
  • Be mindful of noise levels as the evening goes on. You don’t want to disturb other campers who might prefer a quiet night under the stars.


Campers, grab your golf carts – it’s game time! Imagine the fun as you zip around, adding a dash of friendly competition to your outdoor escape. Picture your cart decked out for a parade or racing in a rodeo.

Think quick on a scavenger hunt or strategize during poker runs. With these games, every camping trip becomes an unforgettable adventure.


What is a fun golf cart game we can play at the campground?

Try a scavenger hunt where you search for items or landmarks around the campground using your golf cart.

Can kids join in on golf cart games while camping?

Absolutely, kids love games like golf cart tag or racing to different checkpoints – just keep safety in mind!

Do I need any special gear for these golf cart games?

Nope, you usually don’t need anything special – just your golf cart and a sense of adventure.

Are there team-based games we can play using our golf carts?

Sure thing, host a relay race or organize teams for a competitive scavenger hunt to get everyone involved.

How do we keep score during these golf cart games?

Keep it simple; use pen and paper to tally points, or make up rules that suit your group’s style of play.

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